Creek Systems Expands Defying Sluggish Economy

Posting three consecutive years of substantial growth, Creek Systems is expanding their operations in defiance of the sluggish economy. A recognized leader in the American marketplace listed in the top 20% of Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in the US, Creek Systems has just secured a new, larger facility.

Orange County, CA, October 18, 2011 – Creek Systems announced today that it has secured a new facility to accommodate the company’s expansion.  Moving from Aliso Viejo, the new company headquarters will soon be located in Irvine, California. In three short years, Creek Systems has posted sales growth of over 350% in defiance of the stagnant US economy and is one of the USA’s fastest growing private companies according to Inc. Magazine.  This month, Creek Systems will be recognized as a distinguished honoree by the International Business Awards at ceremonies in Abu Dhabi.

The successful expansion of their satisfied client list, have contributed to the company’s continued growth. Kevin Daly, the CEO at Creek who has championed the company’s growth and success states, “We set an aggressive goal for our company and we’re on target to meet it. We know we want to continue as a leader in the US market, assisting employers with Information Technology recruiting solutions that efficiently help them attain required results while reducing operating costs. To that end, over the past three years, we’ve continually revamped our business model and introduced new technologies and concepts to the market. So far, it’s proving to be a successful strategy, as we’ve seen exponential growth in a relatively short period of time.”  

Creek Systems continues to grow its client base while cautiously expanding operations and their concepts to meet the needs of today’s American business consumer. Focusing beyond costs to key factors such as efficiency, quality placements and technology, Creek has created a new value paradigm that includes excelling in the area of superior client services and support.  

Daly added, “Potential client companies are as unique and individualized as their owners. Creek Systems is adept at developing custom-tailored solutions for every customer. Talent Driving Technology® is more than just a tag line, it’s the way we approach our business and the marketplace.”

Winning the constant struggle in a recessionary marketplace with consistent exponential growth by exceeding client expectations is a key factor in Creek Systems’ success.  By delivering promised results, the company has positioned itself for continued, sustainable growth in the future.  Industry analysts are paying close attention, waiting to see what new technologies, services and delivery systems Creek brings to the market in 2012.

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