Creek Named as Stevie Award Finalist in 2 Categories!

The Stevie Awards 2010
2010 Finalist

With a formal announcement made on May 13th, Creek Systems was notified of their status as a finalist for the coveted 2010 Stevie and posted their PR on their website. The annual American Business Awards receive nominations from over two thousand companies for consideration in forty separate categories. The final winners will be announced at a gala held in New York at the renowned Marriott Marquis on June 21st.

A true honor, Creek is a finalist in 2 separate categories. For their success in creating unique corporate identifiers, trademarking and published content, Creek’s first honor is as a finalist in the Corporate Identity/Branding Design category. The second category in which they are contenders is for Website Business Services. Creek’s ability to offer technologically advanced solutions and platforms to their clients via their website was a crucial component enabling their selection as a finalist in this category.
Creek’s CEO, Kevin Daly, expressed his enthusiasm and delight with the company’s nomination in both categories. He stated, “Receiving recognition for what you’ve accomplished professionally is always a plus. I have always promoted the concept that you must not only meet client expectations and technology demands, but exceed them whenever possible. I truly believe that the devotion to this methodology by myself and my staff is what sets Creek apart from our competition.”
As one of the leaders in the Talent and Vendor management sectors, providing Workforce Acquisition and Business Consulting services, Creek continues to develop, brand and release advanced technological platforms. Combining unique, advanced technology with recruitment and HR expertise and masters in business planning, efficiency and placement cycles, Creek Systems will undoubtedly remain a front-runner in the business community for decades.

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